• Going On Tonight (3:43)
  • Yours For The Breaking (3:07)
  • Things I Can't Have (3:36)
  • Waffle House (2:36)
  • Cold (3:21)
  • Pearl River (3:15)
  • All She Wrote (3:09)
  • Just A Little (3:46)

Benjy Davis

Benjy Davis at Plaid Flag Records

Early Life

Born Benjamin Lasher Davis in Lafayette, Louisiana. He was born to Amos Davis and Laura Prosser, the latter being a singer and piano player, which strongly influenced Benjy's passion for music. At an early age, Davis and his brother had to play an instrument. The Louisiana childhood home was filled with the sounds of Motown, rock, R&B and country. As a teenager, Davis drew upon these diverse sounds to mold his personal style. This musical influence matured and manifested itself into his first music project, The Benjy Davis Project.

Musical Career

In 2001, The Benjy Davis Project formed as a folk-rock duo. The band quickly grew into a popular act in the Baton Rouge region. The growing group added four more members and over a decade, would record four albums and two EPs. They toured the country and opened for John Mayer, Better Than Ezra, SisterHazel, North Mississippi All-Stars as well as a slew of other acts.

Fast-forward to 2011 and Benjy began working on a solo project. The album was both self-made and self-funded. He released his self-titled debut solo album in early 2014. The solo project has a wide sound palette ranging from country and folk music to modern rock. Benjy describes his music as 'pop music telling a story and usually a pretty personal one.'

Plaid Flag Music

In the summer of 2011, Benjy moved to Nashville to immerse himself in the art of songwriting. His modern, yet soulful writing style was something that sparked immediate interest in the Nashville songwriting community. In February of 2014, Benjy was the first writer signed to the newly formed Plaid Flag Publishing. His track record includes cuts by Lewis Brice, William Clark Green, and Chris Young, to name a few. In addition, Davis not only co-wrote many of the songs on Kree Harrison's recent album release "This Old Thing," he also co-produced the entire project. Benjy Davis has proved to be one to watch as one of the hottest young songwriters in Nashville.

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